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Softwashing vs. Pressure Washing: What's the Difference?

This may sound like an obvious statement, but the difference between Softwashing and Pressure Washing are more than just the PSI that the water comes out at. Below are a few HUGE differences in what we do vs. pressure washing.

#1 - Pressure washing WILL damage your home

The PSI (pounds/sq inch) that a pressure washer uses are generally between 3000-4000. This amount of force when applied to surfaces like vinyl siding, windows, etc will undoubtedly cause damage. When softwashing, the PSI is 80-120 psi (same as a standard garden hose) so you don't have to worry about us causing damage.

#2 - Softwashing lasts 4-6X longer than pressure washing

When we softwash your home, we apply eco friendly detergents to the surface which will KILL the mold and algae as well as rid your house of bugs nests. When you pressure wash, you are simply blasting it off of the surface and causing the mold and algae to become airborne which will allow it to come back at a faster rate.

#3 - Softwashing is Eco-Friendly

Pressure washers are gas powered and noisy. They also use much more water than softwashing because it takes longer to complete the job. Softwash systems, however, are battery operated and quiet. You won't even be able to hear our system while we're cleaning your home. The detergents that we use are also all biodegradable and safe for pets and kids.

#4 - Softwashing is Safer

Using pressure washers can be dangerous. The amount of pressure that comes out of the gun when pressure washing is enough to send someone to the ER if direct contact is made. Not to mention, the time spent on ladders trying to reach two story homes. With softwashing, 3 story cleaning can be achieved from the ground level. Not to mention that the pressure coming out of the softwashing wand will not harm us or your home one bit.

#5 - Softwashing takes less time

When we went from pressure washing to softwashing, our average time at a job site dropped to less than half the time. But why is this a good thing for the customer? Because we can get the job done quickly and with better results, thus giving you your home back in less time. That way, you'll have more time to enjoy your beautifully cleaned home!

There are many more benefits of softwashing that were not mentioned in this article, but rest assured that soft washing is much better for you.

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